Hearing so it, Inigo tells Maximum you to enabling Westley often damage Humperdinck

Hearing so it, Inigo tells Maximum you to enabling Westley often damage Humperdinck

Westley groans out, “Tr. oooooo. luv,” which Max mishears since “To bluff.” Valerie then incurs the space and you may starts scolding your, telling your that he’s an excellent liar and you may trying to explain to Inigo and Fezzik which he has been more from the time Humperdinck discharged your. Max is actually ready to let after this try found.

Max brings forth a medicine hidden inside a swelling out of clay which is supposed to promote Westley to lives for one hour. Fezzik and Inigo thank your and you can pull Westley to the fresh greatest of just one of the palace structure. It provide him the new magic pill, in which he immediately begins to chat, perhaps not remembering something but exactly who Buttercup was. Westley threatens them and Fezzik and you will Inigo respond to their questions relating to what is going on and identify that castle is protected of the one hundred males. Westley states it is hopeless, but their cohorts do not let your call it quits. He devises a plan using an effective wheelbarrow and you may an excellent cloak.

Inside the palace, Buttercup calmly strolls along the section so you can the girl relationships, as she assumes you to definitely Westley helps you to save the girl. Inigo manages to drag Westley, exactly who nonetheless try not to walk, including him given that Fezzik would wear the brand new cloak and stands atop the latest wheelbarrow. Inigo bulbs the brand new cloak on fire and you will Fezzik booms away regarding the as the Hate Pirate Roberts as he is wheeled towards new shields who manage away from him during the worry.

From the 5:41, Rugen leaves an effective dagger with the Inigo’s stomach

The very last section of your own guide is named “Honeymoon”, also it starts with Fezzik, Inigo, and you will Westley facing Yellin who’s the very last guard at gate. He provides them with the key to the fresh gate immediately following Fezzik threatens to tear out of their palms. From here into the, we are offered a great countdown on relationships. The marriage progresses slower because of the officiant, this new Archdean, https://datingmentor.org/escort/gilbert/ is quite dated and speaks thoroughly. Still, from the 5:31, Humperdinck and you will Buttercup is actually wed.

Inigo knows that Number Rugen is the half a dozen-fingered son and also at 5:34 he or she is ultimately capable of making their much time-rehearsed message into the son which killed their father, “Good morning, my name is Inigo Montoya. Your slain my father. Prepare yourself in order to pass away”. not, hearing this, Rugen converts and you can flees.

In the 5:31, Westley, Inigo, and you may Fezzik find Number Rugen from the palace

During the 5:46, Buttercup, who has been kept by yourself for the Humperdinck’s chamber, looks as a consequence of their weapons getting something that she will be able to used to commit suicide. In the 5:37 Inigo understands that he need Fezzik’s assist to break apart a closed home one to Rugen has fled as a consequence of and you can Fezzik need leave Westley alone to do this. Fezzik reduces the entranceway, and you will Inigo follows Rugen from the castles corridors. At 5:forty eight, Buttercup prepares in order to to go committing suicide of the eyes from Westley lying during sex behind this lady. During the 5:fifty, Humperdinck finds Westley and you may Buttercup in his space and you will dives to possess their weapons. The guy screams, “On demise!” only to possess Westley restrict, “Toward problems!” At the 5:42, Inigo actually starts to get ready for their dying. The guy apologizes to their father. However, their father bursts towards the his perishing mind and needs one the guy continue assaulting.

Inigo brings new knife away from his stomach and you can renews his search from Rugen. In the end, the guy is able to spot Rugen and you can kills your. The guy requires their payback for once. During the 5:52, Westley demonstrates to you exactly what “on soreness” methods to Humperdinck. This is exactly a duel where in the event that Westley victories, he keeps the brand new Prince alive however, only once cutting out of his arms, ankles, nose and you can attention. However, he’s going to hop out new ears so as that they can pay attention to this new screams of everyone that is horrified from the their looks.

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